Biscuit Straw

Turn the takeaway beverage plastic straws into an edible snack. Why not to eat our Straw? Better than to throw in the garbage.

Nowadays there are around 20,000 Starbucks stores and 33,500 McDonald’s stores worldwide (Source: Wikpedia), and countless establishments where takeaway beverages are sold that offer plastic straws to their customers. One of the main reasons people use straws is to be able to drink their beverages from within thermos cups with lids, or to taste their drink in small sips at a time. However, after its use, the straws, that are made from different materials, are discarded in several types of garbage (recyclable, or not) and mainly in landfills. In addition to the environmental pollution resulted from their manufacturing processes, and the production of waste, straws end up becoming a large amount of non-recycled raw material used only once.

Having this current environmental problem in mind, the idea of edible straws has been conceived. So the idea could come through fruition, Biscuit Straws were made from the same batter of biscuit used to produce ice cream cones. The differential is in the sealing that is made with edible sealant already existing in the market.

Biscuit Straw, besides adding value to the beverage, contributes to the reduction of the consumption and disposal of plastic materials in the environment as well as being bio-degradable.