Bottle Cap Adapters

A line of plastic adapters made in various shapes that replace conventional bottle caps with parts useful for assembling hydraulic systems.


Yearly 3.1 million tons of PET are produced only in North America (Source: GBI Research). Worldwide this number is scary. With this information we can imagine the environmental problem we are experiencing due to the quantity of this material dispensed in the environment.

Thinking about the quantity of PET bottles dispensed in waste and inappropriate places (especially in rivers) we present the Bottle Cap Adapters, a way to add value to the used PET bottles, transforming them into a series of objects that can be used by anyone in the Industries, agriculture, and residences.

The Bottle Cap Adapter is a line of plastic adapters made in various shapes that fit the thread of the PET bottle turning this waste into different systems where water is mainly used (Slide #1). Initially there are 16 types of adapters that come with an internal double sealer (Slide #2 and #3) to keep the product closed, labeled “A” to “P” with which various combinations can be made, always using PET bottles (or bottles with the same type of thread) as the main element (Slide #4). ¬†Each adapter was developed to generate the largest number of combinations and mounting possibilities to make with PET bottles.

In the world there are four subdivisions of different thread size patterns for hydraulic networks. The standards are European, North American, South American and other regional standards of lower adhesion, and none of these measures fit the threads of the PET bottles. Hence the need to create a line of adapters so that they can be useful for PET bottles and other bottles with the same type of bottleneck.

Here are some ideas that can be realized with the Bottle Cap Adapters:

1) Irrigation System Adapters

Every plantation needs an irrigation system, and most of the time they have a high cost to purchase and maintain.

With the Irrigation System Adapters it is possible to turn PET bottles into an irrigation system using the plastic adapters “G” and “H” and PVC pipes (Slide #5). Depending on the quantity of bottles to be used and depending on the shape to be made with the PVC pipes will be used more or less adapters, or different models such as the “E” and “F”.

The Irrigation System Adapters are assembled with PET bottles without the labels and need to be punched or cut with any pointed or sharp object. The perforated bottles should be attached to the PVC pipes with the Bottle Cover Adapters. The water outlets (holes) should be made according to the need of the water flow or its direction.

The Irrigation System Adapters can be installed suspended in some structure, can be used at ground level or can even be buried if irrigation needs to be done directly on the roots.

2) Water Solar System Adapters

We are currently looking for cleaner energy, and solar energy has proved to be an efficient mechanism for water heating.

With the Water Solar System Adapters it is possible to turn PET bottles into a water heating system by capturing solar energy using the “G” and “H” plastic adapters and PVC pipes (Slide #6). Depending on the quantity of bottles to be used and depending on the shape to be made with the PVC pipes will be used more or less adapters, or different models such as the “E” and “F”.

For the preparation of the Water Solar System Adapters the bottle labels must be removed (they will be used as a seal on the joints) and they should be painted black. The darker and denser the paint, the greater the heat pickup. Once you have done this, simply attach the bottles to the pipes using the Bottle Caps Adapters.

One option for those who do not want to paint the bottles is the Bottle Cover Adapter, a black hard plastic cover to be placed on the bottles, increasing the capturing and retaining capacity of the system as well as the life of the system (Slide #7) .

3) Bottle Shower Adapter

Taking advantage of the idea #1 Irrigation System Adapters and long-term thinking when the Bottle Caps Adapters project is already under way, the Bottle Shower Adapter can be developed. This idea is to include grooves or small teeth in the PET bottle that make it easier to cut with only one blade.

In this way it will also facilitate the assembly of the Irrigation System Adapter to make the openings for the water outlet and it is possible to turn the PET bottles into showers for either camping, for an emergency or for people who unfortunately can not afford a conventional shower.

To assemble the shower, you must remove the bottle label (it will be used as a thread seal inside the joint) and the adapter “A” to join in the PVC pipe (Slide #8).

4) Solar Bulb Adapters

Unfortunately, in the middle of 2017, many people around the world still do not have access to electricity, but thanks to Moser Lamp – a project developed by Brazilian mechanic Alfredo Moser in 2002 and widely used in developing countries, many homes have lighting using PET bottles with water and a little chlorine adapted on the roofs of houses. These ecological “lamps” can generate up to 60 Watts of illumination only with solar refraction. The installation is made with round cutouts on the roofs of the houses where the PET bottles are attached and fastened with polyester resin in their surroundings.

Broadening the concept of this invention we have the Solar Bulb Adapter, a combination of the “B”, “K” and “I” adapters that allows the fixation of the PET lighting system on the roofs in a clean, beautiful, easy way and allows it to be cleaned and makes it possible to change the bottle and internal water if necessary (Slides #9 to #11).

Another way of attaching the bottle to the roof can be with the “K” adapter, a silicone sealant to be placed around the bottle to fit it to the hole made in the roof (Slide #12 and #13).

In order for the PET bottle label to also be used it must be removed, stretched and placed as a screw seal between the plastic parts at the time of assembly.

5) Bottle Neck Chassis

Another key piece in the Bottle Caps Adapters project is the Bottle Neck Chassis, rigid plastic plates with holes to hold the bottles through the threads. The plates have three sizes and can hold 5, 10 or 15 bottles at the same time, and the chassis can be joined together by lateral grooves (Slide #14).

The intention of joining the bottles in chassis is to enhance the functions already presented. The lighting on the roofs of the houses (Solar Bulb Adapters) may have 5, 10, 15 or more bottles at the same time; the Water Solar System Adapters can be installed with the bottles vertically if you do not have enough space to place them lying down; Irrigation System Adapter can have multiple bottles positioned in the same location at one time.

In addition, the bottles attached to the Bottle Neck Chassis become more stable parts, making it possible to mount a higher structure such as a wall of a house by stacking the already aligned bottles (Slide #15).

The Bottle Neck Chassis can improve the assembly of the Eco-Cooler ventilation system developed in Bangladesh, in which half-cut PET bottles are attached to a cardboard plate and placed on the walls, windows or doors of the houses to become more aerated.Here are some ways to use Bottle Cap Adapters.

From the moment the Bottle Cap Adapters are put on the market, many other ideas will emerge.


Commercially speaking, Bottle Cap Adapters can be delivered to the population in three ways:

A) Along with the bottles in the bottleneck with the closure made with a double sealing (Slide #2). Each bottle will come with a different type of Bottle Cap Adapter and the consumer can purchase the beverage according to the adapter you are needing.Packs with 6-bottle sets of 6 identical adapters or 6 different adapters will be on sale for the consumer to choose (Slide #16).

B) Exchange of conventional bottle caps by Bottle Cap Adapters

Conventional bottle caps can be exchanged for Bottle Cap Adapters at specific locations. This action stimulates, in addition to the use of the bottles, the collection and recycling of conventional bottle caps.

C) Places to sell Bottle Caps Adapters

By becoming a product to be consumed in large scale will have points of sale of Bottle Cap Adapters so that the person can complete his project in the fastest way.

The idea at the beginning is that the production of these adapters are due to the brand of the drink, because it will be adding value to his product and his brand.

The Bottle Cap Adapters although at first it seems a project that consumes even more plastic because it will be necessary the production of the pieces, in fact it is a project of great social and environmental importance, since it contributes in avoiding that the PET bottles and the PP bottle caps are dispensed incorrectly and also makes the population have access to systems and mechanisms that in various places in the world would not have.