Bottle cap used as currency

Turn the bottle caps (small format plastic items) into a valuable item so that there is interest in the collection.

Yearly 3.1 million tons of PET are produced only in North America (Source: GBI Research). Worldwide this number is scary. With this information we can imagine the environmental problem we are experiencing due to the quantity of this material dispensed in the environment.

Although the bottles and lids are made of recyclable materials, they are made of different types of plastic that requires them to be separated at the time of being crushed during the recycling process. Because they are smaller in size, the caps are often lost after the bottles have been used, and end up thrown in several places and often even in the stomach of animals. The idea of Bottle Cap Currency is to make PET bottle caps a currency, making them interesting for people to collect and drop them in duly authorized places.

There are currently recycling machines that return money or points in some places in the world. However, most countries do not have this technology, especially the developing countries where the majority of the world’s population are.

With this in mind, Bottle Cap Currency proposal aims to get the consumer to collect these bottle caps and store them in dispensers such as “piggy banks” provided by the participating companies. When collecting a considerable amount of material, the consumer must take the material to pre-established points of exchange, or even to the recyclable collection machines where this possibility exists. The dispensers may receive 50, 100 or 500 bottle caps depending on their type.

When delivering the collected material, the consumer will receive the value of each of the bottle caps in cash, points or discounts, according to the contract to signed at the time of the project’s execution. The collected bottle caps target anyone who is interested, being plastic recycling companies, associations that make handicrafts, or even the companies that produce the drinks or the bottles.

Each bottle cap will have a value of 1 Bottle Cap Coin up to 5 Bottle Cap Coins according to the product purchased. The project’s differential lies in giving EXPRESS value to the bottle caps, so that, by giving a perceivable value to them, they became perceived as if they were real coins on consumers’ eyes. The main idea is to get as many bottle caps thrown in the trash and the environment, and give them a proper destination.

The intent of this project is to make it grow at the same rate as bitcoin. That is, it becomes a form of currency used by all. In addition to the bottle caps, other discarded recyclables may become part of the Bottle Cap Currency with another nomenclature.
We’re giving value to something considered waste, but it’s actually precious.
We just need to redesign a new way of dispensing and taking advantage of our “junk”.

The main focus of this project is the recycling of plastic bottle caps, since the scope of the challenge foresees actions for unrecyclable small format plastic items, and we take into account the difficulty of collecting bottle caps for recycling. However, this idea can be applied to any type of material and product format, whether large or small, whether it is only the bottle cap or the bottle as a whole.