Plastic Card Guitar Picks

Turn plastic cards (small format plastic item) into guitar picks. Make your collection playing songs to save the environment.

Considered so far the largest credit card banner, VISA has around 323M cardholders (Sourec: This information gives us a little notion of the amount of credit cards, or plastic cards that circulate around the world.

Plastic cards are part of people’s daily life and are often used during the period of validity (usually 3 years), or until they are lost, stolen, broken, exchanged, canceled, thrown away, until the destination is fatally the garbage or the environment.

In view of this situation, PC Guitar Picks was created as a line of plastic cards aimed at collectors, music and musical instruments lovers, and innovative people.

The PC Guitar Picks will have the same functions as the plastic card offers to its customers (be it credit, debit, access to private venues, loyalty cards …), however it will come with guitar picks printed to be highlighted.

PC Guitar Picks can be printed with images of various bands, singers, lyrics, band logos and other attractive images, and can be highlighted at the end of the validity period of the credit card, as at any time of its use, because it will not affect the chip even.The idea of PC Guitar Picks is to add value to the card’s banner as well as to the material itself as it will go from just one plastic card to become collectible guitar picks.

Guitar picks made of plastic cards are already a subject on the internet, with posts and videos about how to make guitar picks and even a credit card cutter in guitar picks format has already been created and is being sold.

In addition to guitar picks other collectible pieces can be printed on plastic cards. Collections of super hero tazzos, movie and cartoon characters, basketball teams, baseball or other sports can be launched. Campaigns can have themes for children, teenagers or adults, always following global trends.

In this way, PC Guitar Picks will be the transformation of a material that tends to be dispensed into an object of desire.