Bottle cap that comes with seeds

Turn the bottle caps into useful objects making them portable seedling. Just open the sealant and bury the Bottle Cap. Watering this idea.

Yearly 3.1 million tons of PET are produced only in North America (Source: GBI Research). Worldwide this number is scary. With this information we can imagine the environmental problem we are experiencing due to the quantity of this material dispensed in the environment.

Although the bottles and lids are made from recyclable materials, they are made of different kinds of plastic and need to be separated when they are ground for recycling. Because it is smaller in size, bottle caps often get lost and end up thrown into the environment or even into the stomachs of animals. The idea of the Plantable Bottle Cap is to add value to the conventional cover of the PET bottle by making it a desirable object as it has seeds glued inside to be planted by its users in gardens, flowerpots or vases, or even become mini pots for decoration.

Attaching the lid to the PET bottle is interesting only to facilitate collection, however, it does not eliminate the financial and environmental costs to recycle it.

With the plantable bottle cap, we can provide the PET bottle caps with a second use, directing much of this material that would be dumped in the trash or landfills to a place where it will be used. Various types of seeds can be added to the lids, bringing the consumer interest in creating their own private gardens, choosing the types of seeds they would like to take home, and even those landfilled lids have a chance to sprout in a tree Or a plant.
Nowadays on the Internet we can find many sites and posts on social networks of small plantations made in covers, small gardens, seedlings and even tutorial videos teaching how to do them. The intention is to deliver to the consumer of any beverage contained in a PET bottle a mini plant pot with seeds ready to be planted and just needing a little soil and water.

The seeds will be kept inside the PET bottle caps under the seal. Before being planted, the seals should be partially removed so the soil and water can reach the seeds.

The Plantable Bottle Cap will, in addition to reducing the amount of waste, encourage planting, agriculture and reforestation. The seeds used could be from vegetables, flowers, fruits and even trees in extinction or risk of extinction in each region.