Stirrer Plastic Tie

Increase the shelf life of disposable beverage plastic stirrers by turning them into multi-purpose plastic ties. What you can fix with this.

During the year 2014 US $ 10 billion was spent on beverages, only at Starbucks worldwide (Source: Instavest – July 2015). Based on this information we can have a vague idea about the amount of drinks stirrers that were used only once and thrown in the trash or the environment, by only one of the companies from this industry. Given this scenario, the Stirrer Plastic Tie was conceived with the principle of generating additional value to the conventional beverage stirrer. Since the beverage stirrer is a necessary utensil and we can hardly remove it from the coffee shops, the idea of the Stirrer Plastic Tie increases the plastic stirrer’s life after its main use with a secondary usage as a plastic cable tie. The plastic tie has several functions in the industry as well as residential, such as fixing electrical cables, car parts, motors, furniture assembly, construction, packaging closures, bicycles and motorcycles, can help organize the house with small repairs, keeping plants upright, locking cabinets, drawers and bags, attaching decorative items and many other functions. By repurposing the used stirrer, it becomes an object with more applicable uses and in many cases, will not be dispensed into the environment.

Not every customer would like to take his plastic tie home. In cases like that, the establishments will provide a Stirrer Plastic Tie collector bin in which customers can dispense it so that the accumulated product can be collected or delivered to associations, schools, industries or any person or company that has interest in use the stirrers as cable ties.

In this way, the stirrers that won’t cease to be produced and used, can keep being handled by coffee shops, but now we will give it an extended life, transforming all the produced plastic, which already pollutes the environment since early stages on its manufacturing process, another use so it won’t be discarded in a way that can pollute the environment even more.

The use of the Stirrer Plastic Tie will be beneficial to the consumer who will receive along with his drink a double duty stirrer, to companies that care about the environment and want to see their names associated with good circular economy initiatives, and for the environment.